The TMOMS T-shirt

Every so often, I get a plea for advertising assistance that I am willing to assist with.
Look, I do turn down most of the dodgy ones: selling tickets to Jonah Fisher’s self esteem workshop: Don’t Just Walk Out, for example. Or anything to do with homeopathy, the Builders Warehouse panga sale or celebrity Afrikaans voices for your GPS etc.
OK, I might have done that last one. Ahem.

Then came a similar plea from a footballing buddy of mine. He has lived through many different challenges incuding chronic left-footedness and horrendous facial disfigurement, and now that I know him, to give him money isn’t charity: he gives me some knowledge, I buy him some shoes.

Anyway, he’s really hit the nail on the head with this little offering:
Yours for a teeny-weeny R80: The unofficial TMOMS T-shirt:

Shown here in red, very-quick-cellphone-pic option.
Please note: genuine article may be less pixelated.

Yes, you now have the opportunity to have Chris Maroleng’s infamous request emblazened across your ample chest. Many different shapes, sizes and colours are available. To get yours, simply email with your preferred size and he’ll get back to you with the relevant colour options: red, black or bastard white. Mention 6000 miles… and you probably won’t get a discount, but I might get a Peroni next time I see him.

Everyone’s a winner wena.

Touch me on my studio

Much mirth and merriment in South Africa today as footage of André Visagie, Secretary General of the AWB, storming off the set of etv news does the rounds.

Alternative video source (starts at 0:31)

These sort of funny things are always happening on SA TV. Who could forget the unfortunate “Chairman” Nhlanhla Nene incident, for example? But while Mnr Visagie is (sadly) very much a South African entity, live broadcast bloopers can happen to anyone. Even the great Nicky Campbell. Twice.

It’s another embarrassing nail in the coffin of the AWB. Not only are their views disgustingly racist and outdated, their members are a laughing stock. And, as you’ll see, their bodyguards are nervously smiling weedy teenagers. Ooh. Scary.

There’s a meme going around the SA internet at the moment: “Don’t touch me on my studio”, but having reviewed this footage time and time again, it seems to me that the presenter, Chris Maroleng, is actually continually inviting Visagie to touch him on his studio. Thus, thanks to the grainy coverage, only two questions remain: where exactly is the Chris Maroleng’s studio? And why does he want André to touch him on it on live TV?

Kinky bugger.

UPDATE: And already: The Song.