Objects In The Mirror

Here’s a new video from a-ha for Objects In The Mirror, it’s “the video is meant to be a gift to the fans… a condensed version of the visuals from the tour”. And yes, I recognise some or perhaps even more of these from Bergen. I may never be able to forget the mannequin violinists (some homage to The Sun Always Shines On TV there).

It’s directed by Jonas Bjerre, lead singer of Danish band Mew and partner in crime of a-ha’s Magne in their side project, Apparatjik (with Coldplay’s Guy Berryman and Swedish producer Martin Terefe). You may remember them from such posts as Snow Crystals and the catchily-titled New Apparatjik album in February.

And I’m not sure there could be a more fitting song to sign off the tour with:

Looking back is bittersweet
Love, the world was at your feet
Lift your eyes above the street
This is where you once belonged

as the three cute wolf cubs start to dance in unison.

New Apparatjik album in February

Incoming from the boys of Apparatjik (previously seen here on 6000 miles…) – their new album Square Peg In A Round Hole is due to be released on the 21st February 2012. Which is as good a reason as any to give you another taste of their first album – this is the melancholic desperation of Electric Eye:

In a nod to their music/art fusion, the band have pre-released certain parts of the album for fans to “premix” before the official launch next year:

More bassification.
Newer songings?
More Magne A vocalings?
Synthesizer soloings by Jonas A?
Bedtime story by Martin A?
Falsetto tunings by Guy A?
You want to re-mix? apparatjik lets you premix

But you need to have an iPad to be able to partake and I don’t have one of them.

Apparatjik – Snow Crystals

One for the High-Powered Lawyer Girl:

I have been listening to more and more of the Apparatjik album, We Are Here and it’s really growing on me. Described as a “side project” for certain members of Coldplay, Mew and a-ha (hence my interest), it will appeal to anyone who enjoys any of those bands, plus fans of Radiohead, Depeche Mode or any sort of 80’s electronica.

Herewith, Snow Crystals – one of my favourites (although this isn’t the official video).

If you do head over to MySpace, I would also suggest Arrow and Bow and Electric Eye as being particularly worth a listen. And that, because I am having a torrid time of it at the moment, will have to suffice for now.