New Apparatjik album in February

Incoming from the boys of Apparatjik (previously seen here on 6000 miles…) – their new album Square Peg In A Round Hole is due to be released on the 21st February 2012. Which is as good a reason as any to give you another taste of their first album – this is the melancholic desperation of Electric Eye:

In a nod to their music/art fusion, the band have pre-released certain parts of the album for fans to “premix” before the official launch next year:

More bassification.
Newer songings?
More Magne A vocalings?
Synthesizer soloings by Jonas A?
Bedtime story by Martin A?
Falsetto tunings by Guy A?
You want to re-mix? apparatjik lets you premix

But you need to have an iPad to be able to partake and I don’t have one of them.

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