Day 507 – Birds

I spotted this online recently:

And yes, maybe the birds are trying to send us a message about the way we’re treating them and the planet generally.

Most of the time, I’m a big fan of birds, and I’d happily sit and listen to their concerns.

This (Sunday!) morning, however, a couple of sodding Egyptian Geese were having a really loud moan about the environment or something from before 7am.

And I really would give anything for their population to collapse.


Backing up

I’m still not quite sure what happened to my back. I know what’s wrong with it and I know what I did that day, but I can’t quite put my finger on any given incident that caused it. It’s sore. I’m pissed off and tired. I can still do most things, but it just takes three times as long and leaves me exhausted by mid-afternoon. That said, I’m not able to do everything: I had plans to dump a quarter of a ton of topsoil on the lawn this week, but I’ve decided to give that a miss. I didn’t play football this evening.

My L5/S1 disc is prolapsed, but it’s not a bad one – just a really annoying one. This will be the billionth time it’s happened since I first damaged it when I was 16. I’ve got some wonderful MRI images from over the years.

I once used a physio who told me that it was me that knew best how to deal with my crappy back, and he was right. I’ve tried most things over the years to make it feel better. The best remedy I ever had was pethidine, but sadly, that’s not readily available right now, so I’m using my fallback (no pun intended) methods of gentle mobilisation, lying flat whenever possible, and heat. Nowhere near as much fun.

Recovery is happening, but at a very slow pace. But then, as I said earlier, everything is happening at a very slow pace right now.