Julius: Then and Now

Julius Malema, writing about a proposed City Press boycott in 2012:

Our forefathers thrived for many years under difficult moments because they cherished free press and freedom of expression.
Banning newspapers simply because we disagree with them and boycotting them on the basis of believing that our conception of truth is absolute really poses a real threat to our democracy.
Even when we expressed utmost anger against a BBC Journalist in a Press Conference incident which we later apologized for, we never took a decision to ban the BBC or the Journalist from our Press Conferences, because we need to protect everyone space to disagree.

Julius Malema, speaking about a proposed New Age/ANN7 boycott today:

Fullscreen capture 2016-02-04 022656 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 2016-02-04 023439 PM.bmp

Does Julius Malema pose a real threat to our democracy?
Julius Malema seems to think so.

ANN7 job ad

ANN7 is, according to ANN7:

Africa’s newest English Language, world class television news channel

And, according to everyone else, an absolute joke.

What they need is to just give up copy editors, and that’s probably why they’ve advertised on bizcommunity.com for just that:


With its “improving the language” and “ensuring that anchor feed flows seamlessly in a bulletin”, it seems to address many of the issues we’ve already seen on ANN7.

Perhaps this could be the job for you, if you, like me, are a strictler for facts.

Whatever one of those is.