ANN7 job ad

ANN7 is, according to ANN7:

Africa’s newest English Language, world class television news channel

And, according to everyone else, an absolute joke.

What they need is to just give up copy editors, and that’s probably why they’ve advertised on for just that:


With its “improving the language” and “ensuring that anchor feed flows seamlessly in a bulletin”, it seems to address many of the issues we’ve already seen on ANN7.

Perhaps this could be the job for you, if you, like me, are a strictler for facts.

Whatever one of those is.


7 thoughts on “ANN7 job ad

  1. jadetaylorcook > I hadn’t thought about it as a sex toy. Interestingly, checking around online, it appears that neither has anyone else.
    Just you then.



  2. what about people like me,who have graduated in journalism but
    still can’t a company that is will to help us or give that opportunity to gain experience? Can someone hear our out cry.

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