Day 617 – SOFS – and tomorrow’s solar eclipse

Last day of school today for our two. A very successful haul at their prizegiving and some very proud parents.
Well done, guys.

Later this evening, we will gather as a family around the braai to perform the age old ceremonies of the burning the exam timetables and the switching off of the weekday alarm clocks. And having a braai.

Although tomorrow (which isn’t a weekday), I might well be up a little earlier to see the solar eclipse. Weather permitting – and it’s not looking great.

This will be a TOTAL ECLIPSE if you are in Antarctica (but I’m not there): in Cape Town, we will only see a little nibble taken out of the sun – 11.5% at 0819 to be exact:

As you can see, South and West is the place to be for the best effect. Realistically, you’re not going to notice the missing 1% in Walvis Bay, much less the hidden 0.1% if you’re in Bloemfontein.

IMPORTANT: Don’t look at the sun through anything like a camera or telescope or with your naked eye.
Bad things will happen. Damage will occur.

Rather use a pinhole projector – they’re really easy to make at home.

But, returning to my original point, it’s the first day of the holidays, so if I look outside and it’s cloudy?
Straight back to bed.

PSA – SA edition

Where PSA = Parental Service Announcement.

Parents of children in South African schools. Do you have your cellphone to hand? Perhaps you’re even reading this post on you cellphone – after all, is optimised for whichever device you happen to be using.


Anyway, it’s holiday time. You only get a week (and a bit if you’re in Cape Town) (and another bit if you’re at my kids’ school), so you need to make the most of it. And that means not being woken up at foolish o’clock on Monday morning.

So quickly flick across to your alarm app and switch it off for the next week (and a bit if you’re in Cape Town) (and another bit if you’re at my kids’ school).

Do it now. Thank me later.