Rugby is laughable

“My sport is better than your sport…”

So goes the playground-style oneup[person]ship on social media and at braais and even occasionally at the Molton Brown Curry Club.

I don’t usually get involved.

My sport is football, and I understand that it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Additionally, I also recognise that football has its faults. I’ve been telling the authorities how to sort them out for years and years. Thankfully, it looks like they’ve finally begun to listen.

Finally, some progress being made to make football less laughable.

Meanwhile in rugby (so often the sporting bastion of the anti-footy pisstakers) they’re heading the other way.

Yep – next time some egg-chaser has a pop at my favourite sport, I might just bite back by showing them this… this… utter mess.

That’s the final Super 18 table for this season, and beagle-eyed readers will not amusing little cameos like the fourth placed Brumbies having 34 points and the fifth placed Hurricanes having 58.

That’s really not how leagues should work.

At least football is working to stamp out its problems. Local rugby bosses are compounding and exacerbating their troubles and generally trashing their sport, season by season.

It’s both sad and hilarious to watch (which is something that fewer and fewer fans are doing, unsurprisingly).

Schadenfreude isn’t just a river in Egypt.

4 thoughts on “Rugby is laughable

  1. You ought to realise that pissing on sports you don’t favour also reveals your ignorance about them? You do know that they are already addressing it and it isn’t the Super 18 next year? And that the conference system (introduced to try and reduce the inconsistency of the huge distances these chaps have to travel) is also changing? Careful – you’ll just end up pissing all over your own boots as you back away in the wrong direction.

  2. And you’ll know from my responses that I’m a grumpy old fart who doesn’t take himself too seriously. I prefer rugby to football, but I’ve watched about an hour of super-rugby in total these past 2 years. Sports fanatics – can’t really stand the hypocrisy in any of them.

  3. Kevin Charleston > Ha! But yes – you’re another one that really doesn’t care about Super Rugby now.

    I can’t even be bothered with doing my Superbru anymore.
    I read on the lampposts this morning that the Kings and the Cheetahs may well be playing in Europe next season.

    If that’s their idea of addressing the issues, I think they’re doing it wrong.

    P.S. Well done, Billy Connolly.

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