No hurry

We’re still enjoying some wonderful weather down at the Southern Tip, and there’s really no hurry to get back to Cape Town. Yes, school starts again this week, but it doesn’t start tomorrow, and so we can afford a little more time to relax before we head back home.

And so before I light the braai this evening, I’m sitting in the fresh air – which isn’t moving anywhere near as fast as it was last time we were down here – and enjoying a spicy Bloody Nora with some Chilli [sic] Infusion Vodka from Deep South Distillery. Because of the irritating timing of loadshedding this evening, we’ll eat late tonight, which means braaibroodjie starters to get us through until sundowners, and then some proper vleis a little later on. I can confirm that the rumours of rump steak and peri-peri chicken are not unfounded.

But in the meantime, it’s easy to relax when your biggest concerns are getting a blog post done and lighting a fire.