An experiment

Here’s a post which will mean very little to anyone except me, but I’m just conducting a quick little experiment to see if my daughter reads this blog. I know that she sometimes does, but putting a random post in here might just answer the question as to how often.

Sort of, anyway.

So if you’re reading this blog post and you know my daughter, please don’t contact her to tell her to read this blog post. That would ruin the experiment. I’ll know if she reads this blog post because she will tell me.

All I will need to provide is this image of a car in a Cape Agulhas car park, untouched by the magic of Photoshop…

…and I know that she’ll be in touch as soon as she sees it.

(Like I said, this won’t mean anything to the rest of my readership (even to the rest of my family), but MMIRIM, and it’s just one of those father/daughter bonding things that will ruin our relationship forever amuse us both.)