Further proof that I am not a proper photographer

I had a great time shooting things in the game reserve last weekend. I bagged a few elephants, some white lions, a couple of cheetahs and even a rhino or two. Just with the camera, of course. Anything else would be considered very naughty, although would have made for some superb biltong.

I’m obviously not a proper photographer though. Halfway down to Agulhas last night, I suddenly realised that I hadn’t even brought my camera with me. How careless is that? A real ‘tog would never have made such a rookie error.


I do still have my phone with me though, and – as we discussed earlier this week – there’s definitely a place for cellphone photography in my world.

This is just another example of how useful a ubiquitous camera can be; even if it isn’t quite as powerful, versatile and downright good as “the real thing”.

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