Doing it for the ‘gram

Instagram is ever so popular. Even I have one.

But when it comes to travel, which are the most Instagrammable places in the world? I know it’s a question I have asked an awful lot when planning my holidays. And sometimes when I can’t sleep. And – let’s be honest – one I’ve also put to numerous bemused PicknPay cashiers.

They always say Tibet. Unwavering. Incredible.

They’re wrong, of course. Because:

Based on a scoring system that analysed the amount of hashtags per destination, survey results of Big Seven Media readers and votes cast by a panel of travel experts, these are officially the 50 most Instagrammable places in the world 2019.

And Tibet doesn’t even make the Top 192. A Nepalling ommission.

Obviously, I wouldn’t be telling you about this list unless SA had done ok. And it has: finishing in the Top 5, at er… number 5.

Beaten by Indonesia, Canada, Hong Kong and top dog Australia, SA managed to see off particularly strong competition from The Maldives, India, the USA and Dubai (the list did say ‘places’, but all the other ‘places’  aside from Antarctica (171) are countries). Singapore fills out the Top 10.

But how much can you trust a list that has Palestine at 88 and Mauritius at 103 for Instagrammability? Maybe they should start sending the influencers to the West Bank. Just a thought.

For the record, the UK comes in at 11 and eSwatini at 191. The least Instagrammable place on earth (aside from Tibet) is Tuvalu. Nobody has ever got an Instagram banger in Tuvalu. [full list]

There’s a sub-sub list of the The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In The Western Cape, but when Table Mountain comes below the V&A Waterfront, you know that there’s something amiss. And that sub-sub list doesn’t even agree with its parent list – The 50 Most Instagrammable Spots In South Africa – in which Bloubergstrand…

…the image most people think of globally when they hear the word ‘South Africa’.

[*words. There are two of them. Plural.]

…finishes first, but doesn’t even make the Top 7 for the Western Cape.

But hang on a second… No Clarence Drive?
No Cape Agulhas? But that lighthouse! That cairn!
And Kirstenbosch doesn’t get a mention anywhere.
And nor does Camps Bay.

Ugh. All these lists are clearly rubbish. Please ignore this post.

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