Great day out. Loads of photos. No time to edit and share this evening. More on that tomorrow and in the meantime, please enjoy this bittersweet tale from the City of Cape Town Facebook page.

A drunk driving suspect’s attempt to flee turned into a nightmare on Sunday 23 June 2019.

The suspect was stopped during a Ghost Squad operation in Eerste River, but tried to make a run for it.

He jumped over a wall, but in doing so, sustained cuts to his ribcage on the spiked wall. After landing in the backyard, the property owner thought he was trying to break into his house and proceeded to sjambok him.

Fortunately, the arresting officer intervened and the suspect was taken to the local day hospital where he received seven stitches to the wound caused by the wall spikes.

‘This is not the first suspect who attempted to make a run for it, but it is certainly one of the first who came off so badly as a result. What would have been a straightforward drunk driving case has now turned into resisting arrest, but also a possible trespassing charge, if the property owner decides to pursue the matter. This is not to mention the physical impact of the attempted getaway. I commend the officer who didn’t give up and saved the suspect from the potential consequences of being mistaken for an intruder,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith.

All very amusing, and then the bit where they remind you who you’re sharing the road with:

The 27-year-old suspect from Bellville was one of 11 arrests for driving under the influence during the operation. The highest breathalyzer reading was 2.0 mg/L, which is more than eight times over the legal limit.

The tide is turning on the practice of drink driving in SA, but it’s painfully slow and we’re still years and years away from the watershed moment when it becomes unacceptable to get behind the wheel of a car when you’re pissed. (Or even a bit tipsy.)

Until that time, you just have to hope that no-one being an utter twat after seventeen beers wipes you and your family out while you’re behaving responsibly.

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