Day 85 – Bergwind and dinner tunes

It’s been another busy day. Lots of little jobs, some school stuff, some IT cabling things, a piano lesson, a trip to the vet. (I’m fine. Thanks for asking.).

And all that with a bergwind backdrop.

Along the south coast the passage of a coastal low is typically preceded by a north-easterly wind driven by the South Indian Ocean Anticyclone. The wind then backs quickly through northerly to north-westerly as its temperature rises. This is the berg wind phase of the coastal low.
Berg wind (from Afrikaans berg “mountain” + wind “wind”, i.e. a mountain wind) is the South African name for a katabatic wind: a hot dry wind blowing down the Great Escarpment from the high central plateau to the coast.

And that north easterly has brought temperatures in the high 20’s all day. which has been very nice just two days before the winter solstice. It’s still 24ºC outside and it’s past 7pm.
Very pleasant, even if (as you will have read above), we’re in for some rather miserable conditions over the weekend.

It does mean that we went to the field to walk the dog and I almost forgot to blog. And to cook dinner. However, back to back bangers in the kitchen courtesy of Steve Lamacq made this evening’s curry preparation so much more enjoyable.

I will share these bangers now, just in case you’re slaving over a Tikka Masala like I was and you need some encouragement.

And then:

Diverse, yes. But both a whole lot of fun.

And the curry was actually rather good. Thank you, Mrs Patak.

The evening ahead may feature football and ironing. Probably simultaneously.