Day 70 – Did not sleep

A proper night of lying awake. Checking the clock, wandering the bedroom, considering life, the universe and everything.

There was no good news. Sorry.

It’s left me a bit broken this morning. I have managed to tip coffee all over my right hand in an exhaustion-induced move that was distressing because of both the pain and the wastage involved. In addition, it turns out that one can’t absorb caffeine through one’s skin and so there was no benefit in my mood or general responsiveness. I’m going to try tipping some more of it down my throat just now and see if that makes any difference.

After yesterday’s brief return to data capturing – a task I really didn’t understand just how much I didn’t miss – I’m moving on to bigger and better things today. Obviously, there’s a quiz to write (there’s always a quiz to write), some sorting out to do in the garden, some schoolwork and a Scout badge to assist with and – hopefully – an exciting new project which will result in a more stable website experience for everyone even vaguely connected with 6000 miles…

And then one more thing to look forward to. Bihari are doing deliveries and I am absolutely here for that. No jalfrezi on the slightly limited menu, but plenty of their really decent alternatives. “No Cook Thursday” just became a thing – for today at least. And assuming that I’m able to stay awake until they arrive with my curry.

UPDATE: Booked the curry. Life is good again.