Day 625 – Driving games

I’ve often said that driving in Cape Town is like playing a video game. Being the age that I am, I liken it to Paperboy, but realistically, there probably a fair few elements of Grand Theft Auto, Gran Turismo and even maybe a bit of F1 in the mix too.

“I’m just popping to the shops, love…”

I only drove about 15km this evening, but I’m fairly sure I got a new hi-score. And that was without killing anyone. Getting a thank you from a taxi driver must have been worth a few points, as was not crashing into the back of the girl apparently doing a Tik-Tok dance with her friends in the little Hyundai in Tokai.
Additionally, the avoidance measures I had to employ on the way home were both drastic and well-executed. I could almost see the “1000” popping up as I swerved to miss an errant Uber Eats moped, and the “Bonus Level” message as I managed not to give a single finger salute to the terrible lady in the BMW 5-series who clearly hadn’t passed her test.

To be honest, I’d rather not have to worry about losing a life – literally an actual one – each time I venture out and about, but that’s just the way things are, and it does keep you on your toes.

It’s still awful.