Day 580 – About Sunday lunch

The Restaurant at Clos Malverne was our choice. Fancy, without being too avant garde; keeping a family-friendly feel, but still with some amazing food.

And if you book early, you can get a terrace table.
Here’s why that’s a good idea

[Oops. I’ve just realised that I’m trying to upload a 61MP pano. Let me sort that out with my new resize option. Then you can enjoy the view like we did. There’s it.]

Cajun soft-shelled crab for starters: amazing flavours and textures, followed by their fillet: good quality, simple food done really well. (But also medium rare, obviously.) A bottle of their really good Auret to go with it.
And Mrs 6000 got some extra treats for her birthday. Perfect.

This one drops neatly into the 6000 Recommends… category.