Day 547 – First braai of the season

Spring has sprung, the flowers are out, the birds are going mad and the sun is shining.

It’s time for the first braai of the season.

We’d usually have done this a lot sooner than now: indeed, we usually ignore winter and just braai right through. And to be fair, we did do it a bit sooner last weekend while we were away, but we haven’t managed it at home just yet: you-know-what got in the way a bit this time around.
Anyway, because today is Braai Day Heritage Day (known locally by many as ‘Braai Day’), we’ve got a few immune friends coming around and I’m going to fire up the braai.

It’s taken a while to get things ship-shape yesterday and this morning, and I’m fairly exhausted already, but all this effort is a bit of a one-off, necessary simply because things haven’t been used for a few months. Next time will take just 5 minutes because there won’t be a weeks and weeks of spider webs and dust to get rid of first.
That said, I think the effort has paid off: the garden looks good, the braai is ready to go and the pool looks ever so inviting as long as you don’t actually touch the water.

The steaks are looking sooo good and the bar is open with pool table, dart board and new sexy lighting all ready to go.

It should be a great afternoon and I’m confident of staying awake until nearly 9pm.