Day 545 – Jobs

Yesterday was a great family day. Kids off school, wife off work, we got some errands run and we had some fun.
We put up a dartboard and threw things (mainly darts, to be honest) at it.
We even cooked a Japanese Katsu Curry together.

The only fly in the so-called ointment was my decision to try and enjoy a beer for the first time in months – just to celebrate the possible early signs of returning taste and smell.

I woke up with severe hangover symptoms at 2am. Would not recommend.
Drugs for the pain, though? 10/10 would recommend.

I’ll leave it a while before trying again.

Today is supposed to be a day of rest (doctor, wife), but there are a few quick jobs I can surely get done. New lighting in the bar, door handles here and there, some hooks in the wardrobe, some plant stuff in the garden.

Also, some darts to be flung. And no beers.