Day 335 – House view

I haven’t said anything detailed about the new house, because it’s not something that you want or need to know details about, and because I haven’t really had time to share anything, because I’ve been so busy sorting out those very details.

But stuff worth celebrating has occurred today: the study is no longer peach.

This is a project that took far longer than it should, simply because I had to re-prioritise for reasons. Once the priorities were taken care of, I finally managed to finish off the study today and it’s now a really pleasant place to be (if you can ignore the smell of fresh paint).

But it’s no longer peach. And that’s great.

Elsewhere (upstairs, basically), I took a quick and dirty shot from our bedroom window out to the SouthEast:

That’s looking across Grassy Park and Lavender Hill out across False Bay to Rooi Els, some 48km away.

Hello Rooi Els.

I suspect that I will be taking many more (and many better) images of this view. But right now, I need to be somewhere that doesn’t smell of grey paint.

Even though I love my grey paint.