Day 286 – Ja Well No Fine

OK. So the phrase :

Ja Well No Fine

is a Southafricanism which means… well anything you want it to, really.

Afrikaans ja (“yes”) followed by English words, with echoes of Afrikaans ja nee (literally “yes no”), which in various contexts signals either whole-hearted or uncertain, possibly politely dissenting, agreement.

ja well no fine
Variously expressing ridicule, irony, indifference, boggling, or ambivalence, possibly in combination, depending on tone and context.

I guess it’s most widely used as a loose “Whatever”. That’s the closest I can get, anyway.

However, in this case, it’s a whole lot more literal.

I got my first speeding fine through the post today. 30+ years of good driving, blemish-free, but the evidence was clear to see: there was my Yoshimi, with my number plates on, apparently travelling at n+several kph in an n kph zone near Bredasdorp. Oops.


Until, that is, I looked more carefully at the date on the fine and realised that I wasn’t in Bredasdorp that day. My Yoshimi was, with my number plates on, but with my wife at the wheel.


Ja. Well. No fine*.



* for me, at least