Day 251 – This new world

We watched our daughter perform on stage tonight for the first time in… ages.

The end of year school concert. Marvellous.

Obviously, we weren’t allowed to be there to see it in person, but thanks to the miracles of technology, it was streamed on Youtube this evening. And so the family huddled around the Samsung Curved TV in the corner and enjoyed a stunning rendition of Colours Of The Wind from Disney’s Pocahontas.

Some proper rainbowism in a difficult year for racial relations.

Tomorrow (no concerts) I have to find time to bang in a couple of extra blog posts because I am away for a couple of days next week at a place with… no internet.

I was reminded of this album title:

I’m not into digital detoxing. I don’t need it. I’m a reasonable user. I just like to stay in touch.

But weirdly, I am also kinda looking forward to it.

More of that later though. Right now I’m off to share Youtube links with proud grandparents.