Day 252 – Here it comes…

I’ve been predicting this for a while.
It’s not like I needed a crystal ball and some fake psychic powers. I just had to look around me.

Jury’s out as to whether this is our final, (final, final) warning or whether we’re about to head into some sort of new, stricter lockdown, but since no-one actually heeds any of the warnings anyway, we might as well just admit defeat now.

As pointed out by a 6000 miles… reader, even the Plett Rage event is going ahead. Literally thousands of 18 year olds thrown together for several (or more) days of high energy, high alcohol, high other stuff partying in one of the small town major Covid hotspots in the Southern Cape.
And it’s not just going ahead – it’s sold out:

What – as the question goes – could go wrong?

I’ve got no more answers for you. At this point, we’re just doomed.

Happy Holidays!