Android is *still* blowing everyone away

Remember when we told you that Android was Blowing Everyone Away back in May of this year?

They were on the up, with about 37% of market share, RIM was in freefall (down to 25%) and Apple was doing “ok”, fairly steady at about 25%. Well, now Business Insider have updated that graph for November – 6 months on:

As BI note:

Android now has 52.5% of the global smartphone market. No matter how you want to slice it, that’s amazing. It’s stealing share from every other smartphone operating system other than iOS, which is basically flat.

Which begs the question, when you look for your next phone – why would you look at anything except Android?

4 thoughts on “Android is *still* blowing everyone away

  1. I switched from Blackberry Curve to an HTC Wildfire S with Android a few weeks ago. Best move I’ve ever made, both because of how awful RIM is and how incredible Android is. I would recommend Android over any other operating system I’ve encountered so far.

  2. I’ve got 8 months to make the decision of what phone next. My problem is that I am so used to my Nokias that leaving them will feel like a part of me has died. But with Android it’s probably the first time in the nearly 14 years I’ve had a cellphone that I’m actually seriously considering a switch. But it won’t be to an HTC. Far more likely be to a Samsung. But with the contract I intend getting, it won’t be a very upmarket Samsung.

  3. kelltrill > Yep. What you said!

    Graeme Broster > I think you’re right. I shall point that out to BI and get ignored.

    Gary > But by that time, the cutting edge Samsungs of now (which are really good) will be less cutting edge, but still just as good and therefore more affordable.

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