A damp, grey morning in our (converted) prison accommodation. It looks a bit rough here, and while it’s far from luxurious, it’s actually very comfortable.

Each time I come here, I wonder if they could do something with this place, but given the history and the cultural sensitivity of Robben Island, I’m actually glad that they haven’t.

Hopefully though, they can maintain what is already here. I think that’s very important.

I was up early this morning, out for a run around the south of the island. I pitted myself against the local wildlife: steenboks, penguins and about a million tortoises.

I’m rather disappointed to report that – as far as species go – I finished in third place. These little buggers are faster than they look:

That photo was taken yesterday evening, by the way. No such lovely light this morning.

We’re heading home today after a presentation by Christo Brand, which I’m very much looking forward to.

Also family and my own bed. Always a winner.


A wonderfully busy day yesterday, cleaning the beaches of the island. Hard work, and bakkie loads of plastic waste removed, but we really didn’t even make a dent in the huge problem.

Still, on the plus side, there was this view:

Today, a walk around the island, learning about the history and nature of the place, and ending at the prison.

It promises to be another fun day.