Day 706, part 2: Will anyone notice?

The South African Post Office has suspended its “services” to Russia, “The” Ukraine and Belarus.

The South African Post Office has long been so entirely dysfunctional that you would rather spend seventeen times the price to a private courier, but at least your package would actually get to where it was supposed to.

Quite literally no-one will notice that their service to these countries (or anywhere else) has been halted.

Also, please note the bottom paragraph, in which South Africans are once again advised to obey the rules for doing things when doing things. Just like this.

Going Postal

Incoming from The Telegraph:

Finland’s postal service is to begin opening household mail and sending scanned copies of letters by email to cut down on costs and pollution.


Not even the most intimate love letters, payslips, overdue bills and other personal messages will be spared under the controversial scheme.
The service, aimed at cutting the number of postmen and reducing CO2 emissions in the sparsely-populated country, is being offered on a voluntary basis initially.
Volunteers will receive an email or a mobile phone text message as soon as their paper mail has been opened, scanned and sent as an electronic image to a secure digital mailbox, to which only the intended recipient has access.

This is nothing new to us in South Africa. In fact, it seems to me that this Finnish system is based on the SAPO setup which has been running for many years. Our local version is  less helpful and more annoying though.
Here, letters and parcels are scanned for any items of value which are then removed to cut down on deliveries and recipient happiness. Nothing is spared this treatment: birthday cards, cash, kid’s presents from overseas etc.

Further parallels with Finland’s trial exist as the sender will send emails and text messages to the recipient complaining about the thieving bastards at the Post Office.