Nailed it… MH370

With all the election stuff, Oscar Pistorius stuff and… meh… everything else going on, you may have forgotten about Flight MH370. Fortunately, Natural Nuts hasn’t forgotten about it at all and despite being repeatedly told to please stay away, the judge clearly stated that you weren’t allowed to be within 200 yards of this property, they’ve come back to the party to tell us what really happened and why we haven’t been told about it already:

Here’s the most astonishing fact of all: because of all the facts stated above, the vanishing of Flight 370 must have required intentional planning and action from at least one government (and possibly more). Somebody is covering up the truth of what happened to MH370, and it looks almost certain that the Malaysian government is part of this cover-up.
The mainstream media is extremely reluctant to ever report on any sort of government cover-up, preferring to pretend that governments are always transparent and honest with the people of the world. Although such an idea is utterly laughable, it remains the default position of the conventional media.

Right. So, if it’s ‘cover up, cover up, cover up’, then what actually did happen to flight MH370?
Chief cock Mike Adams again:


Flight 370 most likely did not crash; it was almost certainly taken over (possibly by remote control) and flown to a destination with all passengers alive and the aircraft in one piece.

What happens from there is anyone’s guess, but the most likely use of such a stolen aircraft is to turn it into a massive airborne weapons delivery system to be outfitted with biological, chemical or nuclear weapons. Believe me when I say this is the real scenario being discussed behind closed doors at the Pentagon. The “pilot suicide” explanation is merely the sucker’s version of events for public consumption.

This does differ slightly from the (completely and utterly plausible) Alien Technology theory he suggested a couple of weeks ago, but never mind any sort of consistency in his stupid claims, hey?

Let me just run that one line past you again:

What happens from there is anyone’s guess, but the most likely use of such a stolen aircraft is to turn it into a massive airborne weapons delivery system to be outfitted with biological, chemical or nuclear weapons.

So it’s anyone’s guess, but your best effort is that? Have you been snorting hugely diluted quantities of Magnesia Phosphorica again, Mike? You loon. Not that aircraft theft is a particularly well documented crime, but perhaps you can enlighten us with some previous cases of stolen aircraft which have been turned  into a massive airborne weapons delivery systems, outfitted with biological, chemical or nuclear weapons, thus supporting your otherwise rather outlandish claims?

Or, er… not.

Not that it makes any difference to my life (or yours, I suspect, rolling around in your vast sums of cash earned by peddling bullshit to the gullible masses), but I think I’ll choose not to believe you about the real scenario being discussed behind closed doors at the Pentagon.

Or anything else you ever say.

Terrifying missing plane explanation is terrifying

Someone – presumably as a joke? – attempted to sign me up for the naturalnews newsletter. You may remember naturalnews from such posts as Was the E.coli outbreak started deliberately?. Interestingly, (presumably) the same person also tried to sign Jacques Rousseau up as well.

Anyway, I’m sure that Jacques didn’t bother visiting the site. I, however, did – “just for the lulz”. I returned enlightened.

Here’s the donotlink link for the page in question (if you don’t know what donotlink is, see here), grandly entitled:

Six important facts you’re not being told about lost Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

And, while yes, the disappearance of MH370 is indeed mysterious, I’m struggling to get my head around this being in any way reasonable:

The frightening part about all this is not that we will find the debris of Flight 370; but rather that we won’t. If we never find the debris, it means some entirely new, mysterious and powerful force is at work on our planet which can pluck airplanes out of the sky without leaving behind even a shred of evidence.

If there does exist a weapon with such capabilities, whoever controls it already has the ability to dominate all of Earth’s nations with a fearsome military weapon of unimaginable power. That thought is a lot more scary than the idea of an aircraft suffering a fatal mechanical failure.

Personally, I think the fact that people still read Mike Adams’ stuff and believe it is probably more frightening.

UPDATE: Incoming from the aforementioned Jacques Rousseau:

At the farthest end of the making-shit-up spectrum sits Mike “Health Ranger” Adams, the author of Natural News – a site that specialises in peddling bullshit quackery to anyone dumb enough to take the link bait plastered up on Facebook.

via here.

Was the E.coli outbreak started deliberately?

Was the E.coli outbreak started deliberately? In a word, no.

But that hasn’t stopped the conspiracy theorists theorising in a conspiracic manner. In particular, Mike Adams, aka “the Health Ranger” and Editor of

The evidence now points to this deadly strain of e.coli [sic] being engineered and then either being released into the food supply or somehow escaping from a lab and entering the food supply inadvertently. If you disagree with that conclusion — and you’re certainly welcome to — then you are forced to conclude that this octobiotic superbug (immune to eight classes of antibiotics) developed randomly on its own… and that conclusion is far scarier than the “bioengineered” explanation because it means octobiotic superbugs can simply appear anywhere at any time without cause. That would be quite an exotic theory indeed.

My conclusion actually makes more sense: This strain of e.coli [sic] was almost certainly engineered and then released into the food supply for a specific purpose.

He even comes up with a new word “Octobiotic”  that when subjected to some basic etymology (literally “Eight living component of a community”) doesn’t actually mean what he probably wants it to mean. What a tosser.

Adams’ argument is that there is no way that this could have happened accidentally.

There’s really only one way this happens (and only one way) — you have to expose this strain of e.coli [sic] to all eight classes of antibiotics drugs.

So Adams reckons that there must have been some “dark forces” at work to genetically engineer such a resistant bacterial strain. Now I don’t want to get all technical on you here, but theoretically, it could be done by subjecting the bugs in question to an antibiotic (let’s call it antibiotic 1) and by using natural selection to naturally select the resistant bacteria – ie. the one that don’t die – you have bugs that are resistant to antibiotic 1.
Then you expose them to the next antibiotic (2) and take the ones that survive. These bugs are now resistant to antibiotics 1 and 2. Then you to expose to antibiotic 3 and… look you get the idea, I’m sure.

And yes, to the uneducated, (like Adams) perhaps it does sound like this could never have happened accidentally. But (sadly) that’s actually exactly what happens in hospitals every day.
And thus, hospitals are breeding grounds for superbugs. Something Mike Adams might have known if he’d only read this 2009 post entitled Hospitals Are Breeding Grounds for Superbugs by… er… Mike Adams, aka “the Health Ranger”:

On the pharmaceutical side, superbugs are also caused by the rampant abuse of antibiotics by doctors, who seem to prescribe them for everything under the sun –  including those things that are completely unaffected by antibiotics such as viral infections.

Oh dear.

But despite his own damning evidence against his own preposterous claim, Adams brings another gem to the precious stone party:

For example, if this bacteria originated in the food (as we’ve been told), then where did it acquire all this antibiotic resistance given the fact that antibiotics are not used in vegetables?

Well, that’s bullshit, Mike. Not just your idea, but the answer to your question as well. Antibiotics, given to cows, excreted in their faeces, which are then used to fertilise our salad crops.

All of which pours cold water on Adams’ theory that:

Nearly all the deaths now attributable to this e.coli [sic] outbreak are deaths of ignorance. But even more, they may also be deaths from a new era of food-based bioweapons unleashed by either a group of mad scientists or an agenda-driven institution that has declared war on the human population.

Ignorance. It kills. Something Mike Adams might want to consider before ever writing anything ever again.