Day 440 – What were the skies like when you were young?

A quick mention of Liverpool-based 90s EDM group Apollo 440 before we start.
And mention of this, obviously.

But what would we be starting on?
Well, I ended up down another conspiracy theory rabbit hole this morning. Specifically one about chemtrails and geoengineering. You know, the general tinfoil hattery that we’re all being played for fool by global corporations and the New World Order?

The usual stuff.

But this time, there’s clear evidence that this is a real thing. And that evidence comes in the form of this tweet from @uslawreview:

To be fair, I have no idea what the weather was like where I live 30 or 40 years ago, because I didn’t live here. But judging by the moaning about the cold and rain in winter and the wind in the summer, things have been this way for a while. Perhaps we need some engineering – something to make it cold and rainy in the summer and windy in the winter? I dunno, I’m just brainstorming here.

But why would the weathermen never say a word about the constant spraying? Perhaps because it’s just not a thing. No. Justin Despair knows why. It’s because they’re in on the whole thing:

“Seek sources of truth online,” says Justin, without even a hint of irony in his tweet.

Personally, I blame the pilots. Just like Ricardo.

But maybe I shouldn’t:

But they must still know, right? Last time I was piloting a commercial transcontinental passenger flight, the chemtrails switch was very much a mechanical thing. I had to flick it, just as we passed over @uslawreview’s place, just like my handlers told me to.

My only issue was trying not to notice the dodgy photoshopping on the panel, as I – grimly faced – pumped tens of thousands of litres of weather-altering mind control particulates into the troposphere. Well, that and then not telling anyone about it. Ever.

So weird that so few individuals ever asked about what was going on.

Yeah, I do note that you’re a Sheffield Wednesday fan though, so clearly you must have had something deactivated in your brain.

OK, C.J. Bowden – but remember that Justin told us that the truth was online. Not in the chemical-filled sky. Seems sensible to hide inside and not to be staring at the sun all day.

Gonna have to cut this one short: loadshedding shit just hit the (non-spinning) fan, which is sad, because I was trying to get some fresh air in from outside. The sunshine, the light breeze, the weird “clouds”…

Day 112 – Simulation

I’m not going to spend too much time on this, because it is fairly straightforward stuff, unless you’re an idiot.

One of the things that companies and organisations do is train their staff. That’s so that their staff and systems can become more proficient at doing whatever it is that they do. It’s not rocket science (although I guess that rockets scientists also do training stuff – it’s pretty much ubiquitous).

If I think of a profession that trains regularly, I think of firefighters. Remember passing the local fire station with its four-storey tower build specifically for training, as a kid?

Here’s my local one:

The UN and the WHO are organisations that train their staff. One of the things they train their staff on is how to deal with global pandemics, because that’s the sort of thing that the UN and the WHO are involved in dealing with. They work with other organisations (governments, the EU, the CDC etc) and other experts in planning for these sort of things so that – hopefully, at least- communications, sharing of data, logistics and the like can all be put in place more quickly and more efficiently in the event of an actual global pandemic, whether it is one that came from a wildlife market in Wuhan or from a terrorist organisation releasing a pathogenic organism.

Yep. Believe it or not, the global response to this virus could have been even worse, were it not for the training that the UN and its friends have been doing for years (because we’ve known for years that something like this was coming, remember?).

They simulate what they would have to do in a situation like this.

They don’t actually do it.

Much as the boys and girls from Rivelin Fire Station simulate fighting a house fire as described above. They don’t actually come round to your place, dowse it in petrol and light it up, just to see if they can get you out from an upstairs window before you succumb to smoke inhalation and/or horrific burns.

That would be real*, not a simulation.  

If you read this thing going around on Whatsapp:

… as being the “smoking gun” evidence that this pandemic is just a massive experiment on the entire population of the planet, carefully orchestrated by shadowy figures who control our world leaders, then I’m telling you that you’re wrong.

How careless of the UN and the WHO to have accidentally published it in a (still) globally available document. You’d really think that they’d have tried to keep this information to themselves, wouldn’t you?**


If you then, having been wrong above, make a 1 hour and 40 minute (!!) Youtube video (and no, I will not share the link) about this being the “smoking gun” evidence that this pandemic is just a massive experiment on the entire population of the planet, carefully orchestrated by shadowy figures who control our world leaders, then [choose appropriate deity], you are clearly beyond any help that I (or possibly anyone else) can give you.

Life is hard enough right now without this sort of tinfoil hat-ism.

Really. Get a grip.



* also, that would be arson…
** yeah, but that’s exactly what they want you to think…


Oh, mate…

Today, in the world of “well-respected” South African Sports “Scientists” (and cookbook co-authors), this:

Tim Noakes on Twitter Did Atlantis really exist Free book httpt.codRpSkFQcFy - Google Chrome 2015-08-31 113555 AM.bmp

Has he finally gone full potato?
Never go #fullpotato. (Too many carbs, see?)

Next week, on the anniversary of 9/11, expect a link to “what really happened that day (and it’s not what the mainstream media want you to believe)”, or some such.

Thanks, you-know-who

Nailed it… MH370

With all the election stuff, Oscar Pistorius stuff and… meh… everything else going on, you may have forgotten about Flight MH370. Fortunately, Natural Nuts hasn’t forgotten about it at all and despite being repeatedly told to please stay away, the judge clearly stated that you weren’t allowed to be within 200 yards of this property, they’ve come back to the party to tell us what really happened and why we haven’t been told about it already:

Here’s the most astonishing fact of all: because of all the facts stated above, the vanishing of Flight 370 must have required intentional planning and action from at least one government (and possibly more). Somebody is covering up the truth of what happened to MH370, and it looks almost certain that the Malaysian government is part of this cover-up.
The mainstream media is extremely reluctant to ever report on any sort of government cover-up, preferring to pretend that governments are always transparent and honest with the people of the world. Although such an idea is utterly laughable, it remains the default position of the conventional media.

Right. So, if it’s ‘cover up, cover up, cover up’, then what actually did happen to flight MH370?
Chief cock Mike Adams again:


Flight 370 most likely did not crash; it was almost certainly taken over (possibly by remote control) and flown to a destination with all passengers alive and the aircraft in one piece.

What happens from there is anyone’s guess, but the most likely use of such a stolen aircraft is to turn it into a massive airborne weapons delivery system to be outfitted with biological, chemical or nuclear weapons. Believe me when I say this is the real scenario being discussed behind closed doors at the Pentagon. The “pilot suicide” explanation is merely the sucker’s version of events for public consumption.

This does differ slightly from the (completely and utterly plausible) Alien Technology theory he suggested a couple of weeks ago, but never mind any sort of consistency in his stupid claims, hey?

Let me just run that one line past you again:

What happens from there is anyone’s guess, but the most likely use of such a stolen aircraft is to turn it into a massive airborne weapons delivery system to be outfitted with biological, chemical or nuclear weapons.

So it’s anyone’s guess, but your best effort is that? Have you been snorting hugely diluted quantities of Magnesia Phosphorica again, Mike? You loon. Not that aircraft theft is a particularly well documented crime, but perhaps you can enlighten us with some previous cases of stolen aircraft which have been turned  into a massive airborne weapons delivery systems, outfitted with biological, chemical or nuclear weapons, thus supporting your otherwise rather outlandish claims?

Or, er… not.

Not that it makes any difference to my life (or yours, I suspect, rolling around in your vast sums of cash earned by peddling bullshit to the gullible masses), but I think I’ll choose not to believe you about the real scenario being discussed behind closed doors at the Pentagon.

Or anything else you ever say.

Seems Legit

With all the fuss marking the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic, many readers will be surprised to learn that – in an effort to sell more copies of his book – Oxford author Robin Gardiner claims that it was not the Titanic that sank, but her sister ship, the Olympic.

In a story which could have come straight from the pages of infowars or, Gardiner – a plasterer and father-of-one from Barton – cites commerical wrongdoings, insurance fraud, gold smuggling, aliens living amongst us and government collusion* leading to White Star (this White Star, not this White Star) switching the identities of the Olympic and the Titanic:

This was collusion, conspiracy and cover-up on an unprecedented scale.

The evidence is overwhelming; eyewitnesses themselves describe running along Titanic’s decks, but where they said there were promenades, there should have been cabins.
And while survivors on B Deck described seeing lifeboats being lowered from above, there’s no way they would have seen that on Titanic – only on the ship Olympic.

You only have to look at the ships’ specifications to see the Titanic passengers were actually aboard Olympic.

I can imagine that in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, in the early hours of 15th April 1912, with the realisation that the ship you were on was sinking, and over 2000 passengers and crew desperately trying to get into lifeboats in the dark that promenades and cabins could be easily confused, as could lifeboats being lowered from ab… OH MY GOD HERE COMES THE WATER, WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!!!1!!!

I guess what I’m saying is that I’m questioning his sources a bit.

The best bit for me is where Gardiner claims that the Titanic (presumably thinly disguised as the Olympic) sailed around the world quite happily for another 25 years before (conveniently) being send to the breaker’s yard in 1937, thus handily destroying any evidence of White Star’s naughtiness a whole 75 years before Mr Gardiner broke the story.

* I may have made a bit of this up.