Today has been a bit of a disaster

Not a total disaster. Not everything went wrong.

But it would be fair to say that quite a lot didn’t go as had been planned and so I’m going to write it off as… well… just a bit of a disaster and settle down with a beer and a burger.

And some chili poppers. Because in the unlikely event that a beer and a burger don’t quite make everything better, chili poppers certainly will.

Apologies if you thought you were going to read something of substance here today. But equally, more fool you for having that somewhat ridiculous level of expectation in the first place.

More tomorrow. Post chili poppers.

Not great

I think it’s fair to say that I haven’t had a great day at work today.

Yes, it’s good to be back.
Yes, I got lots done (which is good because there’s lots to do).

But the combined forces of evil that are our ISP and the Western Cape Government – together with a couple of suppliers and some laughable goon on email – made it a day to forget, rather than any sort of celebration at my new-found mobility and return to the laboratory.

I felt that I just needed to share this before I return to suffering the slings and arrows, and taking arms against the sea of troubles which today hath foist upon me.

Thanks for listening.

There may be a further post this evening. There may not.
There will be a post tomorrow.