Popping out

After my post on yesterday’s string of minor disasters, there were (rightfully) some comments on my plan to make everything better.

Comments like this:

And that’s a very fair point. Because bad chili poppers will definitely have an undesired effect. And factor in the additional risk that quite a lot already went wrong yesterday and you have yourself and dangerously hazardous situation: some sort of compound disaster state of affairs.

Fortunately, I’d done the risk assessment for the chili poppers thing and went with a trusted source: The Village Bicycle (previously Da Vinci’s) in Harfield village.

Three perfect chili poppers arrived via Oobreets and were gratefully devoured along with one of their excellent burgers (there was also some very decent fayre for the kids).

And along with some perfectly chilled Biere de Label de Noir – and an early-ish night, suddenly everything was alright again.

Today has been a bit of a disaster

Not a total disaster. Not everything went wrong.

But it would be fair to say that quite a lot didn’t go as had been planned and so I’m going to write it off as… well… just a bit of a disaster and settle down with a beer and a burger.

And some chili poppers. Because in the unlikely event that a beer and a burger don’t quite make everything better, chili poppers certainly will.

Apologies if you thought you were going to read something of substance here today. But equally, more fool you for having that somewhat ridiculous level of expectation in the first place.

More tomorrow. Post chili poppers.