Day 428 – Still got it*

* terms and conditions apply

I may be pushing [milestone birthday], I may have a dodgy knee, a dodgy ankle and several (or more) mashed and pulped intervertebral discs, but I still managed a 5:55/km run this morning. It’s important to note that this is up hills and down dales – you don’t get to run on the flat in this bit of Cape Town. And I think I could go much faster on the flat.

That sort of pace might not be a big deal for you (especially if you have a car), but we each get to set our own targets and goals, and trying to get below 6 minutes per kilometre is a reasonable one for me. And I know that I’ve put it at an appropriate level because I’ve worked hard to get there and I nearly died a bit upon crossing my finishing line, yet it seems like I will actually still be able to operate at something approaching normality for the rest of the day.

All about balance.

Next time, I’m going to find a more horizontal bit of Cape Town, run on that for a while and see how fast I can go.