An intervention

Things weren’t going well with my knee, to the point where it was actually in danger of causing some permanent damage.

I’ve just woken up from a second, reasonably comfortable night in hospital and things are much less swollen than yesterday. Now I’m waiting for the call on whether I’ll be allowed to go home today. It seems unlikely, but a collective decision (doc, me, Mrs 6000, physio etc) will be made. It all seems rather dramatic and over the top to be honest, but they’re (quite reasonably) not willing for there to be more problems and another return visit.

Bandages are off, drain out, wounds looking good, drip out soon. The signs are good.

So, today will be another dull day of waking up super early [ticks box], hearing weird ward noises [ticks box], popping the cricket on and dozing [soon].

I promise you that it sounds much better than it actually will be. Additionally, I was unable to sort out my music issue before my surprise admission here, so I’m rather limited on the front as well. Grr.

Bit depressing, bit annoying, but fingers crossed that this is a new beginning.

Onward and upward.

(Just once I’m out of bedward.)

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