Day 133 – New Future Islands sounds very much like old Future Islands

And this is a good thing.

More of bands I like doing more of the things I like, please.

NME agree:

Musically, they haven’t meddled with the formula they’ve been nurturing for a decade. The songs are built around Gerrit Welmers’ rippling synths and William Cashion’s propulsive basslines. And Herring’s still determined to plough all of his rawest emotions into the lyrics.


And more of the bands I don’t like as much, changing tack and doing things that I do like.
That would make the world a better place.

Set in and around a suitably post-apocalyptic Baltimore, the video for For Sure actually left me a bit cold, but as mentioned above, I’m loving the music.

Apparently, BTV, they were playing several new songs, so this looks good for a new album some time soon – it’s been three years.

Fingers crossed.