Day 364 – Goodbye, end of Youtube videos

The final (and pretty much only) furnishing in my study was assembled yesterday evening: a MASSIVE beanbag.

This will enable me to sit in front of the TV here and watch… well… whatever I want, in decadent comfort. Anything and everything is possible, thanks to the addition of a Chromecast device to the rear of the screen.

Following several (or more) researches, I bought from a local company called ComfyZak, impressed by their pricing, their local credentials and their allegedly unique BEDinsideā„¢ feature, whereby the inner of the beanbag can be removed and used as a mattress. Or actually, because this is a MASSIVE beanbag, two mattresses.

Two double mattresses*.

It is a MASSIVE beanbag.

It takes up almost a sixth of the floor area of my study. Ridiculously OTT and exactly what I wanted.
It’s also stupidly comfortable, meaning that I will regularly fail to finish anything I have started while sitting there. Unless it’s some sort of napping, obviously. Youtube videos must now be cut to no longer than 8 minutes, dull Premier League games just won’t work, and even an episode of Only Connect might be a step too far.

I’m so sorry, Victoria.

Right. But that’s quite enough writing about the MASSIVE beanbag.
There needs to now be some time spent sitting in the MASSIVE beanbag.

More tomorrow. Possibly.

* and they really are