Day 370 – Vivaldi reinvented

I mentioned yesterday about my love of unusual cover versions of songs. And then I was introduced to Andre Antunes, via his heavy metal accompaniments to Trump’s televangelist friends Kenneth Copeland & Paula White.

Those are good (especially the Copeland one), but it was this version of Antonio Vivaldi’s Winter that caught my eye… er… ear.

Again, this might not be to everyone’s taste (Mrs 6000 has already moved on to “more important stuff” and some people didn’t even click through at all), but if you can take a step back from your anti-loud music prejudice and remember that the early 18th Century original is meant to represent the icy maelstrom of whirling winds and freezing blizzards:

To tremble from cold in the icy snow,
In the harsh breath of a horrid wind;
To run, stamping one’s feet every moment,
Our teeth chattering in the extreme cold

…then this is actually a perfect piece to cover in this style. Spring probably wouldn’t work at all.

And just watch those fingers. Absolutely incredible. An amazing talent.