More fun and games with the electricity. Is it worse to have it go off right on the hour when it is supposed to, or is it worse for it to tempt and tantalise your hopes and press your optimism button (not a euphemism) for an additional 15 minutes (or actually 26 minutes this afternoon) before bringing you back down to earth with a bump as the power disappears?

My jury is out. I dislike both scenarios, but I would almost have been more annoyed if it hadn’t been cut this afternoon, given that I was – for once – fully prepared with flask and other things.

But it is all very tiresome.

We went to bed in pitch darkness last night and woke up the same this morning. And we’ll do it again tonight and tomorrow as well.

However, there may be some light (pun intended?) at the end of the tunnel, as the illegally striking workers do seem to have begun to return to work now. Not that things were brilliant before they walked out, but at least there’s someone there in the power stations to blame the faulty equipment now.

I’m on taxi duty again this evening, but at least we’re going somewhere with generators, music and security tonight, instead of the scary place from earlier in the week.

Little wins. Always worth celebrating.