Not tonight

I was going to drop a quick blog post in while I was watching the Boy Wonder at training this evening, but loadshedding (see 6000 miles… passim) has necessitated a change in venue.

Of course it has.

So why no blog post opportunity from this new location? Well, because it lies right within the fetid industrial heart of Cape Town’s fetid industrial heartland, and there is quite literally no way that I am taking my laptop along for the ride this evening, given that we will likely have to park quite a distance from the actual training spot. Add in a bit of late evening loadshedding, darkened streets, and the proximity of one of the city’s dodgiest informal settlements, and I think we’ll just be content with getting home safely, thank you very much.

We were there during daylight hours recently and it was still pretty scary.

So, you might ask, why are we going along to this veritable hellhole?

Well, it’s because there’s a Big Thing coming up very soon that my son is involved in, and training for it is very important. More on that to come nearer the time, but suffice to say that we’re all rather excited.

Anyway, with that blogging opportunity gone, I’ve had to use some valuable afternoon time to get this missive out, and so I must get back to the real work I was supposed to be doing.

More tomorrow (assuming we survive unscathed). (Which we will.)