I’ll be completely honest with you all. If I had known that I was going to get up early and do a Parkrun this morning, I would probably not have had quite so many large draught Stella Artois’ last night.

The pizza didn’t help either.

But with 300ml of the beer for R44 and 500ml for R49, it really didn’t seem to make financial sense to take the small ones. And the last 200ml of each glass tasted particularly cheap good.

It was therefore a bit of an ordeal to get up rather earlier than I would normally have chosen, step out into the misty Cape Town morning, a) go to the Parkrun, and then b) actually run it hard, rather than have a gentle jog for 5km.

Picture my surprise less than 27 minutes later to have come in the top ten for my age group and with a personal best, nogal. I stood there at the finish, amazed and steaming gently in the Constantia morning air.

As you do.

Tomorrow, I will stay in bed a bit later, not necessarily by choice, but more likely because I won’t be able to actually get up.

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