Rite of Passage note

Just a quick note to record this moment for posterity. My boy and I have just played his (and therefore our) first game of EA’s FIFA15.

While we’re certainly not a family of gamers, this is an important moment for him, and obviously for me too. It’s basically 20 years *weep* since I played my first FIFA game.

He chose to play as Sheffield United (proud dad moment, right there) and I was randomly assigned Luton Town by the Sony machinery.
For the record, the score at 90 minutes was 1-1, thanks in part to a late defensive error by the Luton centre back and the lightning quick reactions of a pixelated Marc McNulty.
The penalty shootout which followed was a tense affair, with the Blades amazingly triumphing 1-0.

Happy days. Everyone’s a winner.
Except Luton.

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