In My Eyes

As I sit in the lab, pitching various antibiotics into battle against my TB while hiding behind negative pressure, an N95 particulate mask and several layers of protective gear, there’s nothing I like more than some loud music on Snoopy Too, my iPod.

Today’s offering is Zebra & Giraffe: local favourites and official support act for The Killers SA tour next month.

This is the brilliant video for In My Eyes, frontman Greg Carlin goes driving around the city at night in a hastily-modified Mercedes-Benz while trying to shake the memory of his girlie. It’s worth watching right through to the end, believe me.
You didn’t see that one coming, now did you?

I think I’m almost looking forward to seeing Z&G as much as Brandon et al on December 6th.

Bring it.

5 thoughts on “In My Eyes

  1. I saw it coming, I saw it coming!

    Ok no I didn’t. I hope I am gonna be able to see them in Kirstenbosch while I am there.

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