HMS Lancaster in Cape Town

Yeah. It’s a British warship, but it’s named after a place on *that side* of the Pennines. Still, it was deemed worthy of a 21-gun salute from Signal Hill this morning (thus alarming thousands of unaware Capetonians who thought we were under attack and prompting a flurry of hits on this old post), and it might also be something you want to go and see on the public holiday and pseudo long weekend.

Hey. Great news. You can.

The ship will be open to the public on Heritage Day, 24 September. This will enable members of the public to board and view the ship. Visitors will be able to tour the upper deck, view the impressive weapon systems and see the new Wildcat Helicopter and her aircrew.

As with all these opportunities, you should probably expect long queues, but if you can get on board, you should probably expect quite a tour as well. Details are on that link above.

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