Help Will Light The Way

The new FNB “Help Will Light The Way” TV ad is pretty special. It’s beautifully filmed, evocative, heartwarming, and has an Ludovico Einaudi soundtrack. How on earth can this have come from the same people who gave us the terrible “Steve from Beep Bank” crap?

And then if you choose to continue with the YouTube video after the ad, there are a number of positive stories from around the area where the ad was shot, all along the theme of South Africans helping each other.

Look, it’s not going to change the world, nor is it going to make everything suddenly alright, but it does give one a bit of hope that there are people out there who are trying – and succeeding – in making a difference.

UPDATE: Lots of questions about the music, obviously: It’s called Life by Ludovico Einaudi, who you know we’re big fans of Chez 6k.
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