Thinking Things Through

Thinking Things Through is always a good idea. Without sound research, consideration and analysis, we’d forever be making poor decisions, and it’s rare that any good comes of having made a poor decision.

We waste time, money, energy and attention by not Thinking Things Through… Our beliefs inform our actions – and if beliefs are used to support irrational choices, then our society is likely to be less free as a result.

To that end, the Free Society Institute (FSI) is holding a conference on 1st December 2013 called Thinking Things Through with an excellent line-up of speakers, addressing many of the obstacles to a free society, such as “oppressive or irrational legislation, moral confusions, bigotry and prejudice, and misconceptions about science and secularism”.

This is a great opportunity for (at least) two reasons: Firstly, that it’s a chance to hear and engage with some of the country’s great minds and social commentators in fields such as science, journalism and philosophy and secondly, to enlighten yourself as to how these issues and obstacles could affect (and are affecting) our society.

The line-up includes MC Chester Missing (what could possibly go wrong?), Eusebius McKaiser, Gareth Cliff (think beyond the Breakfast Show, really) and The Guru, Jacques Rousseau. It looks like it will be a really fascinating day and I would be there in the manner of an ursine if circumstances allowed. But just because I’m missing out doesn’t mean that you should. Tickets are R200 for students, R400 for the rest of us and there’s also an option to tag a half price annual membership of the FSI on to your ticket, should you so desire.

Click here for direct link to ticketing

Thinking Things Through, hosted by the Free Society Institute.
10:00am, Sunday 1st December 2013.
SciBono Discovery Centre, Johannesburg.

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