Have I Got Hues For You

UPDATE: On seeing this, I realise the photo is a bit fuzzy. But then, so is the dog. Accuracy abounds and needs must.

I had a wonderful Isle of Man related quota photo lined up for today, but the will have to wait, because we’re struggling with internet connectivity today.

The reason for this outage can be seen in the photo below. Attached to the front end of the dog (I’m no expert, but I think it’s the other end from the kinked tail) are the teeth that chewed through the Telkom junction box, effectively cutting us off from the rest of the world.

“Least said, soonest mended,” he seethed.


The photo above, with all its lovely hues, was taken this morning in Tokai Forest. Tokai Forest was still full of (other people’s) dog mess. Everywhere.

Before we had a dog, I figured that there must be some technical or logistical reason why dog owners didn’t clean up after their pets. Now that I am a dog owner, I realise that it’s just laziness, a lack of responsibility and a complete disregard for other people.
I suppose that it’s good to have that clarified, if nothing else. Tossers.

But while we’re on that (rather distasteful) note, does anyone know how long it takes for a Telkom PZ50 switch to “pass through” a beagle, please?

5 thoughts on “Have I Got Hues For You

  1. It took Merlin, our beagle, 48 hours to NOT pass a knee high stocking.
    So I’d say anything between 24 – 48 hours 🙂

    Also. Merlin still steals stuff. He is 5.
    Get your terror a Kong and stuff it with peanut butter to get him over the biting phase!

  2. bloubergman > Shut it.

    Karen > Five? *weeps*
    And please don’t think we haven’t done the hoof, Kong, chew toy, bone, cardboard box, ball thing. We have. We got a dead Olive Thrush (Turdus olivaceus) brought in for us yesterday evening.
    “Thanks, Colin.”

    jeremy > I don’t think it’ll ever work again.

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