I am irritated.

I’ve pulled something (got old) at football on Tuesday evening. I think it’s my Extensor Digitorum Longus.

Third down on the left for those not fond of Latin and/or anatomy and/or searching muscle labels.

I’ve googled my symptoms and I’m going to die.

Spoiler: We all are, eventually.

More seriously, I could only manage a gentle 3km wander with the beagle this morning, so I’m looking for answers:

Treatment may consist of physical therapy, muscle relaxers, pain medications, anti-inflammatories, castle milk stout, heat, ice or orthopedic devices.

I may have added slightly to that quote. And I may have to go and get some of that physical therapy tomorrow. I’ll make a start on some of the other stuff this evening.

Even more annoying is the fact that Yoshimi (the new car) looks set to be ready to pick up tomorrow, we have a hectically busy weekend coming up, and driving seems to be the thing that hurts the most.

I am irritated.

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