New levels of #RBOSS

With autumn slowly setting in across the Northern hemisphere, could it be that the time for #RBOSS is done? After all, there have been no decent examples for absolutely ages and so I’m pretty sure that it’s totally dead in the wa…


The title of this one was the jaunty “Going Fishing”. And what better way to spend what are clearly the final hours of the existence of our planet?

Yes, in about 7.5 billion years, the sun will reach its maximum size as a red giant: its surface will extend beyond Earth’s orbit today by 20 percent and it will shine 3,000 times brighter. It will engulf and destroy our home.

And what you see above is pretty much what things will look like the day before all that happens. There will clearly be no escape, and thus, setting sail out onto the steaming orange Irish Sea in search of whatever boiled fish remain floating upon the surface of the water won’t save you.

Personally, I’d be looking for somewhere with air-conditioning ahead of our inevitable collective destruction, but each to their own, and if frying just off the coast of Ramsey is your thing, it’s probably going to be too hot for anyone to care anyway.

Tight lines.

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