Day 680 – Just popped in to say hello

Another blip on the recovery radar. Nothing big, I hope, but worth documenting. Today might be day 680 of SA lockdown (such as it still exists), but if I still had Covid, it would be Day 200 of that. Those adept at Kwik Maffs will already have worked out that my Covid Day 1 was Lockdown’s Day 480.
And yes, you’d be right.

Well, yesterday, Covid popped back to say hi. Thankfully, these episodes are becoming more and more infrequent, but all those telltale indicators were around once again. Weird tastes, breathlessness, aches and pains, chills, and the signature symptoms: stiffness in my hands and fingers, and absolute frikkin exhaustion. I was broken from about 5pm last night and in bed by 8.


A lot of sleep, but I’m still not mended. So today is all about taking it easy and making sure that I get over this and back to full health asap. Well, apart from the shopping trips and other jobs I have to do.

And tomorrow is all about another 5km. Fingers crossed (if I can do that, I know I’m better).

Right now though: a nap.