Day 646 – Hangover?

I know that many people will be waking up with a hangover after the huge celebrations yesterday.

What they might have missed, during (or because of? lol) their festive boozing – is that it’s also the start of a New Year today. I don’t know why I capitalised New and Year like that. Maybe just that I suppose I would do that if I was starting a fresh sentence, having put a very large full stop at the end of 2021.

Wouldn’t that be great?

And who knows? Maybe there’s been a dramatic breakthrough that I don’t know about because I wrote this post in mid-December. I doubt it, but I forever live in hope.

Anyway, some Genpayne, a phat bacon butty on white bread, a thick double espresso, a sachet of rehydrate, a can of Red Bull and 2 litres of water* will have you up, running and ready to face 2022 in no time at all.

Happy New Year, everyone.

* I’m not a doctor