Day 559 – Rough morning

Weird day. I woke up early with all the symptoms of Covid again. Headache, stiff joints, sore muscles, chills, hypersalivation – the works.

Yes, that thing as well.

Oh, and FATIGUE. Like my usual 7pm fatigue, but twelve hours early.

Heart rate is up, Sats are down. And my brain has gone completely to mush. Completely.

Of course, the virus is long gone.
These are just the manifestations of my immune system still fighting things it cannot see. Bless its misguided efforts.

Worst day in a while. But how interesting is this disease?

Yeah, you might have the odd off day while you’re getting over any viral nastiness, but to get the whole package again so quickly? Fine last night, rubbish this morning?

Fascinating, bizarre and somewhat scary.

I spent the morning in bed. I got a bit of sleep and I took some some drugs, and consequently, I’m managing something like normal life this afternoon. It’s a beautiful day to be out and about.

But I am really looking forward to bedtime.