Day 443 – Told you so

Experience is everything.

I’ve been blogging for quite a while now, and when I popped up this post yesterday, I absolutely had the intention to add something more, later in the evening. Because I was 99.9% sure that I would have chance to add something more later in the evening. That was my experience.

But I wasn’t 100% sure. So I put that placeholder post up, just in case. That was my experience being put into practice.

You’ll likely already have noticed that there was no second post. That’s because our usual slightly-less-than-3-hour drive down here took nearly 5 hours yesterday. A nasty fatal (not us) accident in Caledon didn’t help, but the bigger problem was the air intake pipe to the engine popping off just after the turn to Villiersdorp. Partially fixed with the assistance of a kind farmer and his Leatherman, and then a limping journey (through that traffic) (twice, because we’d just got through it when the intake blew again) to Caledon Toyota, whose staff were both wonderfully friendly and efficient (it being 2 minutes to closing time on a Friday evening), and also hugely apologetic that such a thing should ever have happened.

A quick fix (easy when you know how and you have the appropriate tools) and we were on our way again, although we took a phat dirt road-tastic detour to avoid having to see the body on the road again.

Got here, lit the fire, drank red wine (yes, really), braai’d and then hit the sack early.

Up today for some wandering on the beach with the camera: results to follow. Bit of work in the garden. Set up a new router. Maybe an afternoon nap now now.

Might pop out again for Golden Hour. Might not. The joys of a weekend off.